the actual "Unfettered Wood" in the fall
The name “Unfettered Wood” is a small tip of the hat to a forested area behind the old family farm, which was affectionately called by the same moniker. It is a beautiful spot full of maples, birches, pines, rowans and oaks. It was also a favourite place for my Grandmother to explore and for her Mother to gather wild edible and medicinal plants.

I am a Gaelic polytheist who is dedicated to a few deities of pre-Christian Ireland and Scotland. Taking equal importance is veneration for my ancestors, paying respect to local land spirits, as well as plant and animal allies. I view my chosen religion as a way of life, not just something that happens on the festival days.

On this blog you will primarily find information and musings on Gaelic polytheism, folk magic, gardening, wildcrafting, and probably way too many photos from when I am out and about.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you enjoy your stay.