Wednesday, September 30, 2015

An Autumn Planter Idea

Just because the cooler weather is closing in on us doesn't mean that we can't still have some fun with our botanical friends! 

Yesterday I put together this planter that I have hanging on the railing of my front porch. It took me all of five, maybe ten minutes to stick in the seed heads and fall flowers and berries in it. I am sure any competent floral arranger would shudder at the chaos of it, but to be honest I don't have the patience or attention span to fuss over projects like this too much. But, I wanted to make one anyways, so here it is. ;)

I started off by planting one of those fancy fall cabbages {or is it a kale?} in the container and lined it with some dried moss I had lying around. Then I added some gourds and pumpkins to the front. In the back and on the sides I poked in stems of wormwood, mugwort, tansy, sedum, and added seed heads from dill, echinacea, bergamot, motherwort, teasel, and some others that I am currently forgetting. Then I filled in any empty spaces poppy pods and bittersweet nightshade berries. 

If you don't have an abundance of seed heads and such in your own garden or don't have a garden at all, you could probably find some nifty specimens around your area to use in your own project. Things like goldenrod, rowan berries, mullein, and milkweed pods would be nice or you could use ears of grain and corn, and plant them with mums if you don't like the fall cabbage/kale.