Wednesday, March 27, 2019

One Month and Counting...{Pilgrimage Advent Vigil Candle}

Today marks exactly one month before I fly off to my pilgrimage to Ireland. In anticipation for this I had created an advent candle of sorts, to be burnt starting nine weeks prior to when I leave. Each week is marked with a different layer, each separated by botanicals that I felt were relevant to what I was wishing to bring in.  

At the start of each new week offerings are made, prayers are said {I have been using an altered version of Charm of Grace as one of those prayers}, along with divination and meditation. Each week is dedicated to researching and trying to connect with one of the sacred sites we are to be visiting, along with other work that might need to be done, mundane or spiritual. While doing anything in regards to the pilgrimage, I make sure to light the candle each time. If nothing else, it is a good way for me to stay focused. 

Creating a candle like this is super easy. I just used an old jar that once belonged to a seven day candle, but one could easily do a pillar candle, or even a votive candle for smaller advents, or if less time can be dedicated to keeping vigil. And an advent candle like this could easily be used to observe a season, a particular working, or whatever else your imagination can come up with. 

Thanks to the lovely fellow Brighidine flamekeeper for the original inspiration, you know who you are. <3