Friday, March 16, 2012

Everyday Rituals

{this is a recent post that I did over at my other blog and thought it was relevant for this one too}

After rising and making myself a little more presentable, before coffee or seeing what is going on in the world, the first thing I do in the morning is make an offering of thanks to all of Those I work with and Who protect our household. It is a quick and simple ritual consisting of lighting a candle, saying a prayer and a small offering.

This is the first of many rituals throughout my day. Being someone with a relatively short attention span, I also like to keep them short and sweet {there are not too many ceremonial rituals happening at my hands!}.

I am sure that many would bulk at the idea of doing multiple devotionals and blessings every day. To them it probably seems to be the jurisdiction of members of some religious order that are tucked away from the world. This is not the case for me though.

In my view there is no difference between the "mundane" and the "sacred". They are both inseparable. For those who see spirit dwell in all things and in all places, and who can feel purpose in every aspect of life, this will probably make sense. They might also see the sense in saying a blessing over a garden or giving a prayer and offering of thanks for a meal.

One could fairly say that for me ritual is routine; however it is certainly not devoid of meaning. I find life is a lot more enjoyable when there is intent behind my actions, as opposed to just going through the motions.

Tending to my home and land is no longer drudgery, but a series of spiritual acts. Besides, hearth-keeper sounds much more pleasant than housewife. ;)

On the subject of rituals, you should go give this wonderful post The Meaning of Ritual a read.




  1. Hello, I am so happy that I found your Blog! I am in near north Ontario too. I have been pagan for a few years and recently started studying Celtic reconstruction paganism. I had a question about offerings that I hope that you could help me with. I noticed that many websites on Celtic paganism talk about making offerings to fairies or nature spirits, yet the websites seem to be focusing on offerings for those in Europe. What type of offerings do you give to the nature spirits here? Also, what types of offerings do you like to give to goddesses and gods? Blessings, Sue

  2. Hello Susanne. :) I am not sure if you saw my response or not, but I answered your questions in a post, which can be found here: