Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mullein Candles & Torches

After collecting the seeds and leaves from my mullein plant I cut down the stalk as part of my on-going garden clean up, and instead of just tossing it onto my compost heap I decided to have a go at making mullein candles/torches. It's been a couple of decades or so since I made them at camp, which were used later in our stay around the firepit as rustic lighting.

The Witch of Forest Grove suggests that mullein torches can be used in necromancy rituals, and this would make sense as according to Maud Grieve in her A Modern Herbal says of mullein:
'Torches' is another name for the plant, and Parkinson tells us:
'Verbascum is called of the Latines Candela regia, and Candelaria, because the elder age used the stalks dipped in suet to burne, whether at funeralls or otherwise.'

My mullein stalk was already dried when I harvested it, and I tried to get as many seeds from it before chopping it up into 5 inch pieces. I decided to go for candles in lieu of a torch so I can use them indoors. I got four in total and they were dipped into approximately 50 gr of melted beeswax {with some pretty essential oil added too}.

Some lovelies for my Ancestor altar this Samhain. If you decide to try this please do let me know how you like them! 



P.S. According to this site mullein candles that are 6 inches long burn for about 50 minutes and have flames that are 2 to 4 inches in height; once lit they are to be burnt to completion. 


  1. WOW! These are lovely!!!!!!

  2. I've been experimenting with mullein candles myself. I was trying to decide if I wanted to make them from the stalks or from the heads. I will try both and come back with which I like better :) Sarah also said that the leaves work well as a wick.

  3. Please do let me know how they turn out! I have not made them with the leaves yet and I would be curious to see how they work. :)

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  6. best to use (as "wick") whole stalk + attached dry seed-cases (after shaking out the seeds): they are very robust

  7. Do you know any where I can get seed to start growing my own mullein. I have been wanting to make some of these and I have been having problems finding seed or plants.

  8. Hi Jeff, please forgive my late reply! I would either go with Richters: or Alchemy Works: Both companies I have purchased from several times. If you are wanting to support a pagan/witch, then I would go with the latter. He is also in the U.S. Best of luck! :)