Friday, November 23, 2012

Incense Additions, Round One

I have finally put a few incense into the Unfettered Wood shop and there are still quite a few more waiting to be added. Right now I have...

For physical journeys and spiritual ones, including dream work, hedgecrossing, and other travels in the spirit realms.
For divination, sorcery, battles, and as an offering to Macha, and perhaps An Morrígan.
For Imbolc, hearthcraft, creativity, smithing, poetry, women’s sexual healing, blessings of dairy and livestock, and as an offering to Brigid {Goddess or Saint}.
For Lughnasadh, harvest blessings and other agricultural activities, fertility, abundance, horse allies and as an offering to Macha.



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  1. Beautiful photos Laurel! Are you going to put some of your forest incense up for sale?