Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Herb-Leech

I have gathered luss {foxglove}
At the wane of the moon,
And supped its sap
With a yewen spoon.
I set a spell
By the carn of Medb,
And smelt the mould
Of the red queen's grave.
I have dreamed a dearth
In the darkened sun,
And felt the hand
Of the Evil One.
I have fathomed war
In the comet's tail,
And heard the crying
Of Gall and Gael.
I have seen the spume
On the dead priest's lips,
And the "holy fire"
On the spars of ships;
And the shooting stars
On Barthelmy's Night
Blanching the dark
With ghostly light;
And the corpse-candle
Of the seer's dream,
Bigger the girth
Than a weaver's beam;
And the shy hearth-fairies
About the grate,
Blowing the turves
To a whiter heat.
All things on earth
To me are known,
For I have the gift
Of the Murrain Stone!

~The Herb-Leech by Seosamh Mac Cathmhaoil {Joseph Campbell}

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