Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Some Views of Imbolc

I hope that everyone had a lovely Imbolc {or Lughnasadh for you folks in the South}! Mine has been great so far and not quite done.

A hagstone with red yard knotted nine times, left out for blessing.

On the Eve of Imbolc I made sure everything was tidy {where it mattered at least!} and set up everything for the upcoming festivities and rituals. I made a small and simple bed for my Brigid doll, laid out all the items that I hope Brigid would bless, collected some snow for my Imbolc water and left out some offerings for Her.
My Brigid doll "in bed".
Offerings of food, incense and drink are made daily along with other acts of devotion such as reciting poetry. In these pictures are offerings of beer, creamy leeks, beetroot in butter and lemon, and potato cakes with honey.
Artwork done by Stephanie Lostimolo.
Our home was sained and I made some talismans and charms for blessing and protection. I am almost out of my rowan wood {I will get a new batch around Bealtaine}, so I made a wee rowan and red thread cross for travel, which will be kept in a neat shadow box locket.
Should you wish to make a rowan cross for travel, check out this ritual over at the Tairis site.
I also consecrated and started the heather seeds my friend sent me. I am excited to finally have some heather in my own garden!

Brigid's cross candle wrap from The House of Frogbird.

In other news: I have some new items that I will be putting in the Unfettered Wood shop soon and some posts that I am working on {some of which I have been procrastinating on for at least a few months. A bad habit of mine ;) }.



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