Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Necro Crafting Project

A few months back I had a custom request to make a scrying mirror frame that my client would be using to connect with their ancestors, which inspired this crafty project. I thought that I would share this with folks who were perhaps looking for ideas for their own ancestor altars or shrines.
For both frames I started with some graveyard dirt: for my client's frame I mixed it in with the paint I used and for the one pictured I sprinkled in on the frame after putting a layer of adhesive {I used Mod Podge}. After the frames have dried, it is time to decorate them with whatever pretties you may fancy. For my frame I added dried poppy and datura pods, tansy flowers, nightshade berries, cedar and roses from my ancestor's graves, skull beads and a few other items that have personal meaning to me.
You could use your frame for a scrying mirror like my client did, or for ancestor photos, or perhaps to frame a poem. Mine will be hanging over my ancestor altar with a lovely hand-written Scottish saying: "Cuiridh mi clach air do chàrn." {"I will add a stone to your cairn."}.

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