Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Intentions Behind Making Offerings

I will preface this post by stating that what is written here is just my own point of view, which can either be taken or left.

Over the past few months I have been noticing an increased amount of Pagans, polytheists and magical practitioners talking about making offerings as a part of their practice. Many folks are talking about the research they are doing to find out what type of offerings to make, the quality of the offerings and so forth. All great. Fantastic even. There is however a trend that has irked me, and this is the spirit in which the offerings are sometimes made.
One article in particular really got under my skin, which was an "offerings 101" type thing advising people to make offerings to get what they want. The whole tone of the article was one of commanding spirits and "using" deities to get ahead in life, a spiritual view that is completely foreign to me and perhaps even dangerous.
To me the act of making an offering is a sign of hospitality; it is the giving of a gift out of gratitude, friendship, respect. Offerings are a part of sacred devotion and reverence.  The act of giving to get what you want is bribery, something that dirty policy-makers do. Surely there is nothing sacred nor hospitable about that.
In other words, bribes are not offerings.  The intention behind making an offering is equally important--if not more so--as the act and effort behind it.
For a wee bit more on making offerings, you can check out a previous post here. I welcome thoughts and comments, including ones in opposition to me own.


  1. Thank you for that post Laurel. I am in agreement totally. I really enjoy your blog by the way, I have been inspired by discovering it, Thank you, I relate to many of the thoughts and notions that you talk about... Slainte!

  2. As a Gaelic Polytheist I give offerings as it is my firm belief that the Gods should be given offerings for the simple fact they are the Gods. I do this everyday I give my offerings and give my thanks to them for all my blessings.Each morning I get up and I do my morning devotion to the Gods/Ancestors and Fair Folk of my locality and I give my thanks for waking up and been kept safe as I slept and I give an offering for that blessing which I received and at night I once again do my Nighttime devotion and give my thanks for the blessings I received throughout the day.Also for the rest of my day I continue with my devotions to the various Gods I worship I give my offering and say my prayer to them, the offering for me is always given to say "Thank you" because whether we realize it or not we are greatly blessed by the Gods, and like I mentioned above it is my firm belief the Gods should be given offerings because they are the gods and it should not be done for what we can get out of them. I hope what I said makes sense.
    Blessings of the three on you and you home.