Monday, March 3, 2014

Seed Starting Resources

Although the weather around these parts begs to differ, the rumour is that Spring is just around the corner! It is around this time of year that many of us gardeners start seeds indoors, so I thought that I would share a few helpful resources.
For information on seed saving and the importance of preserving heirlooms and genetic diversity go to Seed Savers and Seeds of Diversity {both have info on many different heirloom seeds and links to where you can buy heirloom seeds}.

Thrifty Seed-Starting {resources on how you can use recycled and free materials for your seed-starting}.

Mother Earth News has a great article called Best Tips for Starting Seeds Indoors

For seeds that need a cold treatment before germinating, Alchemy Works has an article that marries practical and ritual methods.

Should you wish to bless your seeds, I have a blog post from the past with a ritual that can easily be adapted for indoor seed starting. The post is called Consecrating Seed.

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