Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bee Watering Stations

With the weather finally being more agreeable I did some cleaning up in my garden and got started on some outdoor projects. One of the projects I wanted to do for the garden this year was to make bee watering stations.

I found this really neat one on Youtube, which was the inspiration for the ones I made:

Mine aren't quite so fancy, but I think they will do the job.

Made with a dish that was a recycled wine bottle that I found at a thrift store.

Made with a large flat shell.
There are a couple of spots on mine where I will probably need to add some extra things like more moss or small pebbles just so the bees don't step right into the water, which is the most important thing.
I encourage folks to give that excellent video a watch and make their own. This would be a fun garden project to work on with young folks. :)

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  1. They are so lovely! I will definitely consider doing this. Right now the bees around our home are feasting on lavender and thai basil flowers rather enthusiastically.