Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lovely Bones {& Other Pretties}

In late spring I got a package from a lovely lady I did a swap with, Lisa of Aranea Designs. She sent me a whole slew of ethically sourced animal remains and taxidermy {critters who have died of natural causes and completely legal transaction}.
She had sent me antler, hooves, teeth, leg and jaw bones from white tailed deer, a raccoon skull, bones from a magpie, as well as bones, feet and feathers from crows. She also sent a beautiful deer charm bag.

The timing I got them was quite apt as I still had my Flidais shrine set up. So I set all the items I got from Lisa on the shrine, made offerings and did blessings for each item.

Lisa has an impressive gallery of bone jewelry, taxidermy and bones over at DeviantArt. She has a store on Etsy which she has told me she hopes to have stocked with new items soon. She is located in Southern Ontario, and sells some of her jewelry locally.

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  1. Blessings your altar is beautiful could you give me some tips about Flidais i would like to possibly give her offerings and get to know her she sounds beautiful