Friday, August 7, 2015

To Our Lady's Mantle

"Our Lady's Mantle ! When I musing stray
In leafy June along the mossy sward,
No flower that blooms more fixes my regard
Than thy green leaf, though simple its array;
For thou to me art as some minstrel's lay,
Depicting manners of the olden time,
When on Inch Cailliach's isle the convent chime
Summoned to Vespers at the close of day.
Tis pleasant 'mid the never-ending strife
Of this too busy, mammon-loving age,
When Nature's gentler charms so few engage,
To muse at leisure on the quiet life
Of earlier days, when every humble flower
Was known to all, and cherished as a dower."

~To Our Lady's Mantle from Sonnets and Miscellaneous Poems By James Inglis, 1853

1 comment:

  1. Charming poetry for a charming plant. It inspired a little bit of Irish here: for those of you interested in learning the language and incorporating it into your spirituality.