Saturday, January 30, 2016

Brigit Búadach/Victorious Brigit

"Brigit búadach,
 búaid na fine,
siur Ríg nime,
nár in duine,
eslind luige,
         lethan bréo.

 Ro-s íacht nóibnem,
mumme Góidel,
riar na n-óiged,
óibel ecnai,
ingen Dubthaig,
duine úallach,
Brigit búadach,
         bethad béo."

"Triumphant Brigid,
glory of her kindred,
sister of Heaven's King,
a noble woman,
a danger to perjurers,
a broad-spreading flame.

She has reached holy Heaven,
the foster-mother of the Gael,
the desire of visitors,
a spark of wisdom,
daughter of Dubthach,
a proud woman,
triumphant Brigid,
living one of life."

Brigit Búadach/Victorious Brigid {Old Irish, translated by Kuno Meyer. Found in Miscellanea hibernica.}

 Beannachtaí na Féile Bríde agus Imbolc oraibh/ Brigid's Day & Imbolc blessings to you all! 

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  1. Hello! I'm sorry to ask, but what religion do you follow? I want to know more about it!