Thursday, April 28, 2016

Beannachtaí Na Bealtaine Oraibh Go Léir!

photo by Croven
"Càit' as tràith' an tig samhradh caomh
Càit' as tràith' an tig blàth air craoibh
Càit' as bòidhche an seinn an smeòrach
Air bhàrr nan ògan? 'S an Innis Àigh!"

"Where does gentle summer arrive earlier
Where does blossom appear on trees earlier 
Where does the thrush sing more beautifully 
On the young branches? In the Happy Island!"

An Innis Àigh/The Happy Island

I am jumping the gun and posting this a wee bit early {perhaps in the hope that the snow will stay away until December!}.When I first heard the song An Innis Àigh/The Happy Island, I thought that it was the perfect Bealtaine tune. Below is a version done by the Rankin Family: 

For full lyrics in both Gàidhlig {Scots Gaelic} and English head on over to the Lyric Translate site.

I hope that everyone is having a lovely Spring so far and may it be filled with much beauty, merriment and reasons to celebrate! Beannachtaí na Bealtaine oraibh go léir/Bealtaine blessings to you all! 


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  1. Thank you for the link to the Rankin Family and this lovely song! Just recently also discovered "The White Swan," by Domhnall Ruadh Choruna, which I'd never heard.
    p.s. after I ordered your incense, I "coincidentally" found and visited the grave of my great-great-grandfather and g-g-grandmother in Illinois, which no one in the family had visited to my knowledge in decades, despite it's being within easy driving distance of other family graves (great-grandfather, grandfather, uncles, etc.) I felt it was some kind of acknowledgement, though I don't seem to be able to go farther back than that line so far among the ancestors ...