Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lustral Bath Melts

This was my first time making bath melts, and the recipe I used is pretty simple. If you have ever made candles before, you should find making bath melts quite easy. The recipe I used can be found over at DIY Natural, for which I doubled the measurements to get four large bath melts {one could probably be broken up for three baths each}.

I made these bath melts with purification in mind, and just in time for Imbolc. The plants I used are often associated with purification and I added a few extra for overall blessings: birch bark, dandelion leaf, heather flowers, juniper berries, lavender flowers, lemon verbena, rose petals, thyme, vervain and yarrow. I also added peppermint essential oil, for both purification and is great for relaxation.

Really though, there are all sorts of combinations of herbs and essential oils that you could use, whether for magical or mundane purposes. Experimenting is half the fun! 

I ended up using metal candy molds, and I had a bit of trouble getting them out. Next time I think I will use silicone molds. After removing them I stored them in a mason jar in the fridge, just to be sure that they don't get all melty.