Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hoarding Some Pretties {Artwork by Sean Fitzgerald & Douglas MacDonald}

{Ethniu & An Túr Gloine ar Oileán Toraigh by Sean Fitzgerald}
Recently I have accumulated some artwork by two really great artists to help fill in the nooks and crannies of my crafting and shrine area. Oh, and there is a new book too!

Yesterday I went to a local art festival {post about that forthcoming} and one of the artists that I was most stoked about was Douglas MacDonald. Some of my friends have his lovely works on their walls, so I pretty much danced a jig right up to his booth when I saw that he was there. 

{Some of the pretties at Doug's booth yesterday}
And what a nice guy! He is very approachable so him and I had a bit of a chat about Scotland {his hometown is Glasgow}, art, the local scene and events coming up. I only purchased two smaller items yesterday as I don't know how well my walls would hold up to heavier concrete pieces {old plaster walls + nails + heavy artwork = potential disaster}. 

{Little bee hive}

{Little woodland mouse}
I look forward to catching up with Doug again at Fantasy in the Forest, a two weekend artshow on both July 15th & 16th and in October from the 7th to the 9th in Perth Road Village. I will probably go to the one in October, which will give me a chance to stash away my pennies to buy more pretties.

Go check out his artwork, visit him at an upcoming artshow or at his studio in Phillipsville Ontario.

A little while ago I also got a few prints and a book from Sean Fitzgerald, which I am sure many other Gaelic Polytheists are familiar with. His artwork is nothing short of stunning, and he is also very down to earth. It is nice to see talented folks who are not the artsy-fartsy snooty types. Heh.

The quality of the prints are great! I felt sad about trimming two of them, but I had spots picked out when I purchased them and they wouldn't have fit otherwise. Eventually I want to frame and mat all of them.

{Balor's Banquet & Winter Solstice}

{Danu Mháthair Bandia an Tuatha Dé Danann}
I also got the book Lugh na Bua/Lugh the Deliverer, written by Cathal Ó Searcaigh & Seán Ó Gaoithín and illustrated by Sean Fitzgerald. There are both English and Irish/Gaeilge versions of the story and the illustrations are of course beautiful {the prints I got are in the book as well}.

I got the book to support the artist and as an opportunity to torture my poor hubby with my attempts of reading Gaeilge aloud for a bed time story. One unexpected surprise was how large the print in the book is, and I have been bringing it to work for one of my elderly clients to read to me as she is a lover of folklore and myth, but has a hard time reading smaller print, even with her glasses on. So, she has been enjoying this book as well!

Lugh na Bua/Lugh the Deliverer
Sean's shop can be found here, and while you are at it, go check out his awesome blog too.



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