Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Finding Lost Treasure

While doing some deep cleaning in preparation for Imbolc, I have come across some forgotten treasures. It is probably safe to say that I have a thing for hagstones, which are already scattered all over my home, so what are a dozen more? I found these pretties that I had stashed away for some reason or another, which can again enjoy the light of day on shelf that seemed to be made just for them. 

Perhaps my most happy find, a crow's foot that I scored in a swap a few years that I had fitted with a clear quartz point, a gift from someone dear. The intention was to make a devotional piece with it along with some raw amber beads that were also found again. Embarrassingly, that was over three years back. Hopefully I can get that done before I forget about it again.

If I were to be rewarded like this every time I did a deep cleaning, I would definitely do it more often. 

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