Thursday, May 17, 2018

Plan B Garden

Basil seedlings in desperate need of being potted up
Last year I had planted a bunch of perennials on my balcony garden, which was my first growing season in this apartment, after quite a few years of being lucky enough to have land to garden on. I was careful to choose plants that were at least two hardiness zones lower than the one I am in, used large storage totes to plant them in, and did my best to shield them from the elements. Even with all of that, it doesn't look like any survived the extra harsh winter we just came out of.

So instead of spending more money or babying along perennial seedlings, just to probably have them croak on me again, I am going to go the free route and grow annuals of seeds I already have. My balcony doesn't get full sun, but I am still going to chance some sun-lovers. Even if it is a fail, it won't cost me anything. And me with no garden is like a boat with no water. 'Taint happening. The following are what are going to be a part of this year's experiment:

Basil {a mix}
Black Futsu pumpkin
Broom corn
Cosmos {Rubenza and Sensation mix}
Greens {kale, arugula, chard, and lettuces, where ever I can find room for them}
Jasmine scented nicotiana
Poppies {Angel Wings and Opium}
Scarlet Runner beans
Sweet peas {Cupani and Black Knight}
Teddy Bear sunflowers
Tomatoes {Black Krim and Indigo Rose}
Wild tobacco
Zucchini {Black Beauty & Yellow Pattypan}

I am also growing seedlings for an heirloom and pollinator garden at my work, which is in retirement/nursing for the elderly. It will be interesting to see if they remember any of the varieties that we will be growing there. I am happy to see gardens there for them to enjoy.

Hope you all are getting your hands dirty too!

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