Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Brewing Wormwood Bitters {Absinthe Inspired} for Ritual Use

{***Please be sure to do your own research, find out if it is safe for you to use plants such as wormwood, and that you use proper dosages. There are several health conditions and situations where wormwood and related plants are not safe for folks to use. And please, for the love of all that is sacred, dilute before using and use responsibly.***}

This morning I started a brew of absinthe-inspired wormwood bitters, which I am looking forward to using to aid in travelling and divination during the upcoming dark half of the year. This is my first time making absinthe, so it is a bit of an experiment. In my own brew I added the following herbs, after giving them a good going over with a stone mortar and pestle:

lemon balm
coriander seed
dandelion root

I then added in some 80 proof vodka, enough to cover the herbs and then some. Most of the ingredients are traditionally found in absinthe recipes, and many have the delightful associations of what I plan to use it for. I added dandelion root as a extra, for it's association with seeing, ancestor work and the Otherworlds. 

I will brew it for at least a week, shaking it every day, saying a little charm as I do so. While it sits, I will have it covered in black, with a pendant that I wear during some rituals, to inform the brew of its intended use. 

It will then be strained and bottled, and use diluted. Below is the video I got inspiration from to make this, which I encourage people to check out.

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