Thursday, April 26, 2012

On the Heels of Bealtaine

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With the beginning of May coming next week I have been starting to prepare for one of the cross quarter times that I celebrate, Bealtaine. For me it is a time of merriment and feasting, as well as various rituals and workings.

I did a post a few years back on the nefaeria blog with some information about Bealtaine & May Day which will be linked to below. Over at the Tairis website you can find a two-part article about Bealtaine in Scotland & Ireland as well as an article with ideas on celebrating Bealtaine. Both articles are very well researched and will be linked to below too.

Bealtaine & May Day {nefaeria blog}

Bealltainn Part One & Part Two {Tairis}

Celebrating Bealltainn {Tairis}

Happy Bealtaine/May Day to my readers in the North and Happy Samhain to my readers in the South!



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