Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Witch Bottle for Household Protection

Last night I crafted this witch bottle, with the intention to draw away harm from the household it was made for. A witch bottle is thought to trick and capture any malignant forces or workings that are directed towards the maker/who it was made for or the people who live in their home.

In it there are sharp items, personal effects, plants associated with protection, ancestral graveyard dirt, sigils to represent each resident {including pets}, and then was sealed with red candle wax. Now all I need to do is bury it on the property in a place where it will not be mistakenly dug up.

I try to do these types of workings on a Saturday of the waning moon; I associate Saturdays with household protection and the waning moon as the perfect time to repel negativity.

There is a great episode on New World Witchery podcast about witch bottles that I encourage folks to have a listen to.



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  1. Hi Laurel! I love this idea... thank you for posting this.