Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Good Start to the First Harvest

mixed grain loaf
Things have been quite busy around here the last few weeks, but thankfully I have had time to celebrate Lughnasadh and have been able to spend a lot of time in our garden.

Just like with the other cross quarter days I observe Lughnasadh over a period of a few weeks instead of just a day or two. While mostly associated with a time to honour Lugh and Tailtiu {and I do honour Them as well}, my main personal focus at this time is Macha.

One of the rituals I like to do around Lughnasadh is a reaping blessing, which as you can see below from my adaptation of a reaping blessing from Carmina Gadelica is traditionally done on a Tuesday. Lughnasadh Eve fell on a Tuesday this year, which is when I originally wanted to do it. Unfortunately the weather was really shoddy that day; stuck indoors, I setup our seasonal altar on Lughnasadh Eve.

Lughnasadh morning I ended up carrying out the reaping blessing the next day, along with a nice harvest.

On Tuesday of the feast at the rise of the sun,
And the back of the bountiful fruits to the east,
I will go forth with my basket under my arm,
And I will pluck up the fruit.
While the harvested fruit is in my grasp,
I will raise mine eye upwards,
I will turn me on my heel quickly,
Rightway as travels the sun
From the airt of the east to the west,
From the airt of the north with motion calm
To the very core of the airt of the south.
I will give thanks to the Hosts of grace
For the growing crops of the ground,
They will give food to ourselves and to the Tribe
According as They disposeth to us.
Macha, Airmid, Flidais and Bride,
Gods, Ancestors, and Nature Spirits kind.

blue jay bush bean harvest
The rest of the day was spent baking bread and making a yummy dinner and offering rituals in the evening.

A few days later I made more offering incense for Macha as the ingredients had become available once again. One of the blends I created is burnt in thanks for the bounty of the fields, blessing of the harvest, and for abundance in general; the other blend is for divination, magical workings, connecting with the dead and for battles. These two blend will be among the incense I will have available in the store.

Once more crops begin to ripen in our garden, we will then have our "big" Lughnasadh feast which will close things up. To see how our garden is doing, you can go check out a recent post over at my other blog.



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