Monday, August 20, 2012

A Prayer to Macha for Safety

I have been speaking to a few other Pagans about what type of magical practices we do to keep or make ourselves feel safe, which reminded me of this prayer that I came up with a few years back for this very reason.

The prayer is to the Irish Goddess Macha, who among other things is a sovereignty Goddess. Feel free to use it yourself and change it as you wish. As well, I would love to further this discussion, so also feel free to share any practices or prayers that you like to use to stay safe.

If I Should Face Danger...
May I have the forewarning of a prophetess,
May I be fleet-footed as the swiftest mare,
May I be fearsome as a battle fury,
May I trick my enemies as the cleverest crow.
Whosoever shall try to harm me or
Invade my sovereignty,
May they know the justice of
My Dark Lady
For nine ages.





  1. Love this prayer. As I get older, I am drawn more to the stronger, darker goddesses.

    Early on, however, Brigid was the goddess I focused on. While I love the "Descent of Brigid," it is a bit cumbersome to remember and use. So I created at simplified version to use as a chant whenever I felt in need of protection:

    Brigid before me,
    Brigid beside me,
    Brigid behind me.
    I am in the shielding
    of good Brigid each day
    and each night.

    Of course, if I'm at home, I will also grab a protective stone to carry or create a mojo bag for the purpose. And projecting energy out as a protective shield, when it the situation calls for it.

  2. I am glad you folks like it. :)

    Thank you for sharing your prayer too, partingthemists!