Sunday, October 28, 2012

As Samhain Approaches

original photo by Crystal Woroniuk
With Samhain & Hallowe'en being just a few days away, this is a good time as any to share some seasonal resources that might be of interest to you folks.
Over at the nefaeria blog I did a post a couple of years back about Samhain & Hallowe'en, which covers a bit of the history and lore and I did a post on Ancestral offerings {and of course there is quite a bit about offerings and Ancestor reverence and workings that you can find by looking through "ancestors" and "offerings" tags}.
Tairis as usual has a treasure trove of information about the Gaelic history and lore of Samhain, ideas on how to celebrateturnip carving,  and a wee bit on divination, too.
Three Shouts on a Hilltop has a neat post called Necromancy in the Irish Tradition, as well as another great post about working with an Irish deity associated with death.

Over at the Tuacondate website the group has shared two beautiful {Celtic Reconstructionist} ritual outlines that they did in 2009 and 2010 for Samhain.

Should you want more ideas on traditional Irish ways of celebrating Samhain, Hutman Productions shares some, along with instructions on how to make a Parshell, or Samhain Cross.

For some awesome story-telling, check out Story Archaeology's exploration of Samhain in Irish myth and folklore and New World Witchery's podcast episodes of spooky legends from here in North America.



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