Thursday, October 4, 2012

Season of Death & Decay

Being in the Autumn woodland reminds me that death is sacred; the colours and smell of the rotting leaves reminds me that dying can be a beautiful transition.

When we are faced with our own mortality, we are often at our best. In our twilight days we make amends, and pass on the knowledge of our lessons learnt. Many of these lessons come from the mini deaths in our lives, the big changes that makeway for something new. Through our mini deaths and twilight time our frailties are most obvious.

The trees wear their own badges of vulnerability in their fall colours, and just like those colourful leaves we are stunning in our mortality.

It is no wonder that this time of year has long been associated with ancestral reverence, when the veil is so thin and the Dearly Departed are so close that it seems we could reach out and almost touch them. Those who delight in our stunning mortality. Those who bring comfort of promise, and promise of wisdom.

I welcome the Season of Death and Decay! Blessings to the Beloved and Mighty Dead!




  1. This is so beautiful. Do you mind if I print this out for personal use? This is would be nice to put in my book of shadows.

  2. Hi Deirdre,

    I am glad you enjoyed it. :) Yes, you are free to copy this for personal use. Just please be sure to give attribution should you share it publicly. For future reference, you will see at the footer of this blog a link to all the rules associated with the particular Creative Commons that all original content to this blog is subject to. {Basically it is free for personal/non-commercial use as long as attribution is given}.