Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Late Lughnasadh

I took advantage of the extra day this past long weekend gave me to go to the farmer's market, to do some harvesting and seed collecting in the garden, some baking and preserving. While I have been making regular offerings to Macha {who is my main focus for around this time of year}, I was later than usual this year to have my main Lughnasadh ritual, so I finally got around to that this weekend too, along with some personal spellwork for abundance and prosperity.

some pretties from the market and the garden
a candle for abundance
the beginnings of a prosperity charm bag

At the North Bay Farmer's Market I got lovely blueberries and Melba apples, which were the sources of inspiration for my Lughnasadh baking. With the blueberries I made some lavender-blueberry muffins, and with the apples I made a apple-mint cake {link to recipe used as a base inspiration}.


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