Saturday, September 21, 2013

Prayer for the Chase

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This is a hymn from the Carmina Gadelica that has been re-worded a bit. Since hunting season is starting here in my neck of the woods, I thought that I would post it for those who hunt and fish for their own food to use, should they wish.

It says in the Carmina Gadelica that the original hymn was sang by a hunter in the morning as he bathed his hands and face at the junction of the first three streams that he met.

Prayer for the Chase

In the names of The Three, Dé ocus andé,
In word, in deed, and in thought,
I am bathing mine own hands,
In the light and in the elements of the Three Realms.
Vowing that I shall never take a life needlessly,
Whether fishing, whether it be venison down from the hill,
Whether it be for fat, or blubber from out the copse.
O Flidais, Mistress of Stags, Lady of the Woodland and Wild Places,
Avoid thou to me the silvery salmon dead in the stream,
A duck with her kind an it please thee to show me,
A flock by the edge of the water where it does not dry.
The grey-hen on the crown of the knoll,
The black-cock of the hoarse croon,
After the strength of the sun has gone down,
Avoid, oh, avoid though to me the hearing of them.
Spirits of the wood, mountain, glen and stream,
May I bring no offense to you.
I ask you to bless this hunt, so that I may feed my household,
Harvesting only what is needed, hunting in honour.
May The Three bless me,
Crowning me in peace,
Placing a mantle of protection on me,
And teach me to walk in honour.

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