Friday, February 7, 2014

Imbolc {& Feeling a Tad Ill}

I hope that all who celebrate had a lovely Imbolc!
I am still getting over a particularly nasty flu that has left me out of commission for a better part of a week and will probably be the end of the weekend by the time I am almost back to my normal self. After spending hours every day in bed, I have been getting stir crazy, so I decided to get on with my Imbolc offerings and rest of the related activities I had not gotten around to yet. 

Prior to today I had done some crafting decorating my Brigid doll and Her bed, made some house blessing candles, and made some home protection charm bottles.

On the Eve of Imbolc {January 31st} I erected a shrine to Brigid, made offerings, collected snow for Imbolc water, and left out various charms and ritual crafting supplies in the hopes of them being blessed by Her night visit.

Today I made offerings of incense, tulips, berries in yogurt and honey, apple oat cake, herb cheese, whiskey, mead, and some herbal tea made today, along with singing a hymn {hopefully not sounding too much like a dying goose!}.

To finish off I did a saining ritual and a lustration, which will hopefully help in kicking the left over yucky sickness out the door! ;)

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