Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Magic

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Valentine's Day, a full moon, and a me you can't get much better timing to do a love spell! The last few days I have had a handful of people ask me for some love spell ideas, which I figured I would share on the blog as well.
First I would like to say that while I cannot control what other people do in their own magical practice, I personally do not endorse trying to manipulate or force someone to have feelings for another person. I do however think that there is nothing wrong to encourage a situation along where someone would naturally have feelings for another person. So this is the spirit in which these ideas are offered.

A Charm for a Current Romance

Last year I shared a working that I did for my own relationship, which I will go into a little further detail here.
This is a charm that would be suitable for people who are already in a relationship with someone, and might be something that you would like to do around your anniversary, during a threshold period of a relationship {such as getting married}, to strengthen bonds, or to simply bless and keep the love strong.
Starting on the Friday of the full moon take a pink or red candle and carve your names and intent {you can just make a heart, put the words "love" and so on if you wish} into the candle. For extra potency, you can anoint the candle with a love oil. Gather herbs {such as roses, lady's mantle, meadowsweet, and lavender}, stones {such as rose quartz} or other small items that are associated with love {such as snail shells}; if desired, also gather herbs, stones and other small items that are associated with other qualities that you wish to incorporate such as lust, fertility, harmony and so on. Also needed are personal effects such as hair, items that are worn or a photo to represent you both.
Set herbs, stones, and personal items/effects around the candle in some fashion {I stuffed mine into a tight-necked vase which I used as a candle holder {see example below}:
After you have everything set up, light a candle with a prayer of intent. I lit the candle over the course of nine days, although you could do it in one sitting should you wish or as many days as you feel is best for you.
Once the candle has be burnt down, place it along with the herbs, stones and personal items/effects into a charm bag or a piece of fabric and tie it with a pink ribbon {like the one pictured above}. Keep the charm bag somewhere in your home that you feel is important to you and your relationship, such as your bedroom or on a household shrine.

To Dream of a Future Love

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Under the light of the full moon gather plants that are associated with love {such as roses, lady's mantle, lavender and so on} saying:
"Moon, moon, tell me
Who is my true love to be
And when my true love shall I see?"
Wrap the gathered plants and place under your pillow to dream of your destined love and your future together.
To Attract a Love Interest

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 This is a spell that was inspired by a healing spell that a lovely friend shared with me. This is a spell that you could do to attract a specific person that you know or to attract an individual with the qualities that you are looking for in a romantic partner.  

Create representations of yourself and your love interest {incorporate names, personal effects/items and such}...these could be poppets, drawings or even just your names with your dates of birth on a piece of paper. If you don't have anyone person in mind, incorporate instead the qualities of the person you would like to attract {such as representations of those qualities or writing the words onto a piece of paper, such as "funny, caring, strong"}. 

Once you are finished creating your representations bind them together in some fashion, such as tying them together, while saying a prayer of intent:

"You for me, and I for thee and for none else;
Your face to mine, and your head turned away from all others."

Then place the bonded representations into a garden pot, put in some potting soil. Plant a seed {even better if it is of a plant associated with love!} saying:

"May our love meet as this seed reaches for sunlight,
May our love grow as the leaves unfurl,
May our love flourish as this plant blossoms,
May our love thrive long past it bearing fruit."

Tend to your plant with great care, as it is a representation of your desires.

To Mend a Broken Heart

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I think just about everyone will face heartbreak at some point in their lives, and it is a process to heal from it, so this suggestion is more of a meditative morale boost than a cure.

Cut out a heart on a piece of cardboard or paper and rip the heart in half. Alternatively, you can use a cut apple. Take some thread and a needle and start to sow the heart back together. Really take your time with this, focusing on healing saying a prayer such as :

"Tissue to tissue,
Vein to vein,
May my heart become whole again."
{Adaptation of a traditional Gaelic healing prayer}.




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