Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Gaelic Roundtable

There is a new online community-building project called The Gaelic Roundtable for Gaelic Polytheists to participate in. The mission statement says:
"This project is meant to benefit the Gaelic polytheist community threefold:
To encourage the growth and development of a community which is able to support a myriad of viewpoints without mortal conflict;
To encourage discussion between community members, as well as the critical evaluation of materials available to that community;
To create a cohesive resource for those searching for information and practical applications of Gaelic Polytheism in the modern era."
One of the ways to participate is to post on monthly topics, this month being Journeys. I like the overall idea behind this project, so I will be taking part as well. If you are a Gaelic Polytheist, you should check out The Gaelic Roundtable and see if it interests you as well!



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