Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Gaelic Roundtable for March: Journeys

This is my first post participating in The Gaelic Roundtable blogging project, March's topic being Journeys

I am going to keep this particular post short and sweet, as I don't know how terribly interested most of my readers would be to hear me natter on about how I became a Gaelic Polytheist and much of what I believe is already peppered on this blog.  So to keep this to the point, I will address each individual question posed. 

Tell us a little bit about your practice; what kind of Gaelic Polytheism do you practice? Is it Historically Oriented or Eclectic?

My faith is of a reconstructionist nature, so I try to be as historically accurate as possible, while keeping at least some modern "sensibilities" in mind. This of course is always a work in progress, and thankfully there are quite a few wonderful online resources and folks to talk to, to get information and feedback from.

As far as my practice goes, it is part of my everyday, from small daily devotions, to observing the cross quarters and other days of importance. I honour the Gods of the Gaels in general and have more "personal connections" with a few Goddesses that have been fostered over time. As well, I honour the Ancestors and Spirits {both of place and nature}. 

Are you a member of an Organization like OBOD or another one?

Right now my only interaction I have with other Gaelic Polytheists is online, but hopefully now that I am in a bigger city that might change. The one group that I formally belong to is Nigheanan Brìghde Order of Brighidine Flametenders {a Celtic Polytheist one}.

Do you follow the Irish, Scottish, or Manx beliefs- or maybe a combination of the three?

I draw inspiration from Irish, Scottish and Manx cultures, although it would probably fair to say that Irish has the largest influence. With my fairly recent move to Kingston Ontario Canada, I am hoping to benefit from the strong Irish cultural roots here, by visiting important sites and delving into cultural events and specifically the Irish-speaking community.

How did you wind up at Gaelic Polytheism? What drew you to our faith and made you start practicing?

My journey towards Gaelic Polytheism is probably a fairly typical one, being from a line of a couple of different Christian faiths. As a teenager I was drawn to eclectic Paganism and practiced variations of that into my 20's, and as I got older I started to explore more structured systems. At one point I was practicing a mix of quasi-Celtic Reconstructionism and Traditional European Witchcraft, which eventually lead me to finally hunkering down and taking up Gaelic Polytheism. 


Well, that's it! If other participants have any questions about my practice/journey, please do feel free to ask.I look forward to reading about the journey of others and thanks for allowing me to participate!



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