Sunday, April 2, 2017

An Apartment Dweller's Quick Tip for Polytheists: Shrines

General Shrine to the Gods

If you are a polytheist that either doesn't have a connection with any specific deities or find yourself living in an area outside of the region that is associated with your deities, having a general shrine to the gods and the land(s) they are from might be a way for you to go. 

While I do have a larger shrine dedicated to our "household" deities, I do not live in any of the lands of the Gaels and I wanted to have a shrine to honour the rest of the gods of the Gaels. Mine is on a small shelf on the wall with various doo-dads, gifts and artwork from Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. 

Indoor Shrine to Nature Spirits/The Good Folk

Many apartment dwellers find themselves short in the outdoor space department or if they are lucky enough to have outdoor space, it may be lacking privacy. While perhaps not ideal, having an indoor shrine to the nature spirits is an alternative option. 

Even when I had an outdoor shrine in previous homes {and I do intend to create one in my balcony garden}, I have maintained an indoor nature shrine for quite a while as well. It is private, safe from pillaging and protected from the elements. Again, mine is on a small shelf on the wall and has different treasures and offerings, and a photo from around the original Unfettered Wood.


So, just a quick post of a topic which will likely end up being a series of posts as I come across new challenges and solutions as a polytheist now living in an apartment. 



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