Sunday, April 2, 2017

Ideas and Projects for Starting a Container Garden

As I get my own container garden planned and started I have been going over some resources that I thought might be helpful to others who are thinking of starting their own container gardens. Many of the ideas shared here can easily be used for the tiniest container garden to a rambling garden in the ground. I hope that you find this list inspiring! 

The Basics

Rituals, Charms & Spells

Attracting Wildlife

A Critter Hotel
Balcony Gardening for Pollinators {Balcony Container Gardening}

Themed Gardens

Alpine Trough Garden {Balcony Gardener}
Aromatherapy Container Garden {Aromaceuticals}
Container Gardening for Vegetables {The Farmer's Almanac}
Container Water Garden {HGTV}
Creating an Ancestor Garden
Gardening for Cats {Dirt on My Hands}
Growing a Cottage Garden in Containers {New Pro Containers}
Grow Your Own Perennial Herb Container Garden {Garden Therapy}
Make an Herbal Container Tea Garden {Livin' in the Green}
Moon Garden for Your Balcony {Life on the Balcony}
Ogham Garden {most likely only doable for those with land, but it could be possible using smaller varieties of each tree, shrub and plant}
Plant a Dye Garden {Mother Earth Living}
Plant a Medicinal Herb Garden {Homestead Lady}
Plants for a Poison Garden {Gardening Know How}
Plants for a "Ye Old Peasant" Garden
Shade Container Gardening {Gardening Know How}
Tabletop Woodland Garden




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