Thursday, May 11, 2017

An Apartment Dweller's Quick Tip for Polytheists: Outdoor Shrines

I had already shared a post about indoor shrines to nature spirits, but I like to keep one outdoors if I can as well. If you are an apartment dweller who is lucky enough to have a patio or balcony, an outdoor shrine can be as easy as a flower pot with whatever pretties you want to put in it.

During the move I had brought the original stones of my mini "dolmen" from my last outdoor shrine and placed them in the pot I had chosen for the new shrine. Yesterday while out and about I came across a log on the side of the road with mossy bits on it. I decided to bring it home with me and now some of the mossy bits are in with the stones. 

I am not sure if the moss will be happy there or not, but if that doesn't work out I was thinking of putting some other woodland pretty in it. 




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