Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Bealtaine in the Woods {part one}

A few days ago a friend and I made our way to the woods for a small hike. We decided to go to one of her favourite places, Parrott's Bay Conservation Area, which I had never been to before. It was a perfect opportunity for me to see what grows wild in my area at this time of year. However, being a conservation area, I skipped leaving any offerings and we didn't do any foraging.

There were all sorts of pretties including some spring ephemeral flowers such as trilliums, trout lilies and hepaticas. 

About a half hour into our walk we came across a particularly beautiful spot, and we stopped there for a little while. Being surrounded by moss has a tendency to make me giddy, and the only thing that probably stopped me from pulling a momentary Mad King Sweeney was having a companion with me.  

Instead we sat and chatted about The Good Folk, and we both had a bit of a laugh at how a lot of people probably think that I am slightly touched in the head for being as superstitious as I am. Just as we were about to set off on our hike again, a musical instrument started playing, which sounded to me like a recorder or a penny whistle. 

While it was most likely just another mortal serenading the forest or perhaps having a go at us, I found that both the timing and location made me feel a little unsettled. My friend wanted to see where the music was coming from, and against my gut instinct I had agreed. 

We hadn't walked twenty feet before there was a crackling in the trees beside us; I saw what looked to be a streak of red fur out of the corner of my eye and I assumed that it was a fox running away. Going a head another minute or two and we heard another crackle in the trees beside us and this time it was a deer flashing us its white tale as it ran away. After a few more apprehensive minutes there was a third crackle in the woods, this time really big and really close.

Being the chickenshit that I am I turned around and we headed on out the way we came, faster leaving than when coming. If I had been smarter, I would have taken cues from the fox and the deer, both who I see as messengers of a certain Someone

We never did find the source of the music, but I was more than happy to leave it a mystery.

The trail eventually split off into another, which led us to the way out. On this trail we came across two old abandoned cars. I am not sure what the stories are behind them, so two more mysteries. 

Apparently Parrott's Bay is even more beautiful in the autumn, so I hope to make my way back there then, if not before. 

Tomorrow I am planning to go to another spot that is becoming a regular haunt for me, where I will leave some offerings and do some wildcrafting. 

May you all be enjoying the season so far!



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