Monday, August 21, 2017

A Candle for Prosperity

In preparation for Lughnasadh one of the things I made was a candle for prosperity. This is something that I have posted about before and had a couple of requests quite a while ago now about how I make this particular candle, so I am finally get around to sharing that.

Every year I like to make this candle on the Thursday of the full moon or waxing moon closest to Lughnasadh. I use beeswax and like to pour it into a mason jar, but really it would be fine with another type of wax and another heatproof container of your choice. I also used a cotton wick, but could be made with a wood wick too.

The plant materials I like to use, that are either traditionally or personally associated with prosperity are:

Grain chaff {this year I used oats}
Hollyhock leaves
Hawthorn berries

I also added patchouli and bergamot essential oils this year. I really like that combination of scents.

This can easily be converted to hand-dipped candles, molded candles {such as pillars} or tealights. If you are unfamiliar with candle making, The Spruce has some good tutorials.

And finally, please do take extra care when burning candles with herbs as they can catch fire on top of the wick. If unsure, use the herbs sparingly when first starting out and perhaps don't load up as much as the one pictured.



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