Monday, September 11, 2017

Prosperity Oil

Besides making a candle for prosperity, I also like to make a prosperity oil every year in time for Lughnasadh. I thought that I would share how I make it in case other folks might be interested in having a go at their own. 

While the first harvest feast has past, I think really any time during Autumn would be a perfectly acceptable time to make it. I like to make mine on the Thursday of a full or waxing moon.

Generally I use an olive oil base and the plant materials are ones that are traditionally or personally associated with prosperity:

Grain chaff {this year I used oats}
Blackberry leaves
Hollyhock leaves
Elder berries
Hawthorn berries

This oil can be used throughout the year to anoint candles, charms and in spell work, and is not meant to be ingested or used on the body.


Hopefully in the coming weeks I will get around to sharing some more recipes of things that I have been making lately. Until then, happy creating!



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