Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Spell for Safe Travels

I recently started a safe travel spell and charm for a loved one and their travel companions. The candle pictured is red for protection and was anointed with protection oil and the phrase "Taisteal sábháilte" {"safe travels" as Gaeilge} was carved in ogham script. Surrounding the candle is one of the rowan berry necklaces I made a couple of months back with a World Tree charm on it, along with candles for the Three Realms {Land, Sky, and Sea}.
For this kind of work I use a prayer that was inspired by a prayer for travelling found in Carmina Gadelica:
While traversing Land: mountainous, flat or forested,
While traversing Sky: under cloud, moon glow or sunray,
While traversing Sea: stormy, placid or wave.
The Gods still uphold them,
The Ancestors be their shield,
The Good Folk point the way.
The Dé ocus Andé protect them when leaving, upon returning and during stay.

I also made a charm bottle for protection during travel for my loved one, which will be sealed with red wax from the spell candle once I am done the working. In the bottle I have representations from the Three Realms {cemetery dirt for Land, a feather tip for Sky, and a shell for Sea}, as well as some protective botanicals {birch, yarrow, comfrey and rowan}.

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