Sunday, December 22, 2013

Welcoming Winter

After spending a good portion of yesterday baking and getting prepared, I ended up waiting until today to do my devotional ritual to An Cailleach. I think my timing was perfect, because today she is letting her presence be known with high winds and snow.

Offerings of various shortbreads {rosemary-coconut, chocolate-ginger and cardamom-nut}  and skeachan cake {Tairis has a great recipe here}, whiskey, hot chocolate and incense were made. I also did some divination and started working on charms to protect the home from storms.

In other news, there are some really nice photos over at the Shadows and Stone blog of yesterday's happenings at Newgrange during the Midwinter sunrise. After the passage tomb not being illuminated with sunlight since 2007, A'Ghrian decided to show her lovely face for them yesterday {I am glad she at least showed up for them, I didn't have such luck}.

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