Saturday, January 17, 2015

Beeswax "Bloom"

Those who are not frequent users or crafters of items made from beeswax might not be familiar with a white substance often found on pure beeswax called "bloom". It has a powdery look to it and one might think that it is mold or dust, but it is natural occurrence that happens with pure beeswax after it has been exposed to cooler temperatures after a while. 

I personally really like to look of bloom and leave all my beeswax candles and other pretties be when it forms, it kind of gives it an old look about it. 

That said, I realize that it is not to everyone's taste, so when crafting beeswax items for others, I try to remove bloom before sending it out, just as I did with the candle and heart charm pictured here. I just used a blow dryer on a low temp on them for a couple of minutes and voila, all shiny again!

Here is a video that you might find helpful to remove bloom from your own beeswax products should you wish:




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